Our containers comply with the ISO standards and are characterised by great durability based on static strength calculations in accordance with the EU norms. We can also provide furnishing and high-standard electronic equipment for the containers. We offer containers of the following types:

  • office containers
  • social containers
  • bathroom containers
  • storage containers

Office containers

20′ containers (6058 mm x 2450 mm x 2800 mm), usable area approx. 15m2. May be used as standalone offices or be installed as part of modular buildings. Standard office container equipment includes:

  • 1 x exterior door 875 x 2000 mm
  • 1 x office window with shutters 1760 x 1330 mm
  • 1 x 2000W heater
  • 2 x double recessed raster luminaires
  • 2 x 230V sockets

We may also customise containers for individual needs. Furnishing, finishing, dimensions and all elements of the container may be negotiated.

Social containers

May be used as social rooms for employees, cloakrooms, canteens or as social residential rooms.

Standard version comprises one 1760x1330 [mm] PVC window, 875x2000 [mm] single exterior door, and full electrical installation. Containers are heated with one 2 kW convector heater.

Thanks to multiple expansion and furnishing options, the containers may be adjusted to meet individual customer’s needs.

Bathroom containers

Bathroom containers are furnished with toilet bowls, washbasins, urinals, mirrors and showers – all designed to satisfy the needs of the Customer.

Bathroom containers feature one 400x600 [mm] window, 875x2000 [mm] exterior door, an electric storage water heater and full electrical installation.

Bathroom containers are perfect for plant facilities, construction sites and public utility areas.

Storage containers

Storage containers are particularly useful on construction sites for storage of machines and tools, and in production plants for storage of equipment or manufactured goods.
20′ storage containers are intended for storage of goods up to 10 tonnes. The containers feature wooden or steel floors and –optionally – a security package.


We are available to help you with the interior design of a single container or multiple modules. We can customise the location of walls, furnishing and equipment as well as adjust the container to meet individual needs.

Container rental

Małgorzata Sprawka
Construction Logistics Specialist
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Container sales

Małgorzata Matusz
Sales Specialist
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